End of year musings…

by | Dec 29, 2020

It’s that time of year where one always looks back on what’s happened and been achieved in the last 12 months – though obviously 2020 has been completely different to anything…

I’m so grateful to have weathered it all quite well – here in Sydney we have definitely been protected by isolation, good luck and good management. I hope that everyone is still staying vigilant and careful.

For the few months where we were under tighter restrictions and I wasn’t really able to play I think I got some of my kink needs met with online shopping! Followers of my adventures on social media would probably have seen a few of the new pieces I acquired pop up here and there… I think I will have to give some of them posts of their own!

Quite a few new bondage pieces from Fetters and Max Cita – including metal which is fast becoming a firm favourite of mine – I keep buying more and more lengths of stainless steel chain too as there is just something very primal about being “chained up”.

A couple of other interesting toys also and of course additions to my ever expanding cross-dressing wardrobe!

It’s quite strange to not have any travel plans at all – I really enjoy traveling and seeing my friends. To think last year in February I was in London visiting Mistress Miranda and this year I was in New York at that same time… in 2021 I suspect my passport will be staying in the drawer.

Huge thanks to my beautiful friends and colleagues Mistress Jadis and Mistress Serena who have been amazing and encouraging during the tough times. And thanks also to all my loyal subs, slaves and spankos who have given me so much support and fun over this year. Best wishes to everyone and let’s see what the next 12 months hold for us all!