Rubber Fetish Slaves

by | Jun 12, 2021

For a Mistress who’s so well known as a leather fetishist I certainly have a lot of rubber slaves! I really enjoy encasing my subs in the tight embrace of a latex catsuit and have always found that it adds a very different mood and intensity to a session.

Being covered head to toe in shiny black latex is an intense experience – there are so many different sensory inputs that contribute to an almost altered state – firstly the sense of touch and even interoception is heightened by the whole body being covered and gently compressed – with the hands not yet restrained you run your fingers over your own arm and instead of hair and skin you feel the slick and unique tactility of rubber. Looking in the mirror you see your eyes in a different face, the hood removing your everyday features and leaving you a slave. The familiar contours of your body remoulded into the shiny carapace of a rubber fetish slave. Even hearing and smell are changed and enhanced by the experience.

Of course each experience takes its own course and the inclusion of latex can enhance different styles of sessions. Quite a number of my bondage fetish slaves have really enjoyed the extra restriction that comes from my using latex as a base layer. The photo below shows a slave wearing a catsuit, hood and corset then restrained on my chain web with leather arm and leg binders, leather neck corset and lots of locked stainless steel chains.

Encased in a latex catsuit and hood Mistress Servalan's slave is restrained to the chain web with leather and metal restraints.

Dear Mistress Servalan,
Thank you for the session on Tuesday.It was unbelievable. The head bondage was fantastic I could not move, the cat suit, corset and hoods felt so good on my body.I loved every moment and would love to have another session with you in the future.
Thank you

Your slave

Other rubber fetish slaves find that being encased allows them to relish being a totally different person than their everyday selves – a totally hedonistic rubber slut with fake boobs, false lashes and bright scarlet lips… This particular sub I have been playing with for almost 20 years since my early days back at Salon Kittys…

Dear Ms Servalan. I wanted to thank you so much for an amazing experience on Friday. Spending all day with you exploring my rubber-latex cum-slut whore was simply amazing. I’m still on a massive high. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with you over many years and Friday was yet another highlight.
Take care and thank you again

For myself I own a number of glamorous latex outfits but am most often found in leather. Though I’m happy to listen to polite requests And Mistress thank you for wearing your latex, you looked better then fantastic, and made the session all the better. Your laughs and comments during the session made the session that extra special

That said – there’s definitely something to be said for the contrast between dominant leather and fetishistic latex. In fact there’s even a very kinky film I was in with my friend Domina Irene Boss called Leather Dommes and rubber toy made during one of my visits to her famous Pittsburgh playspace The Compound. Hopefully one day when we can travel the world again I will be able to return!