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Oscar meme and grumpiness update!

Still very hot here in Sydney – I did go for a swim however… which was great!

Then went to Newtown and wandered about for a bit…

Made some yummy pasta for dinner – with english spinach, “not-bacon”, pickled eggplant and other good things….

Also had some rose that I bought recently – I’m a bit scared of rose in general – what is it about? However this was nice, quite aromatic and went well with the pasta dish… Of course it wasn’t a cheaper choice – so less likely to be a disaster anyway!


Green is good…

Greens are some of the most powerful andintelligent people in the aura spectrum. Greensare extremely bright. They process informationand ideas quickly; jumping from steps one toten. They do not like dealing with all thesteps and details in between. What Is Your True Aura Colour? brought to you by Quizilla

Tales and a quizz

Hm – in a funny mood tonight – I had good fun in my session, it was someone I’ve seen quite a lot, but not for over a year – sometimes that can be hard, as we remember intimacy without actually having it anymore. But the session was fun, so all is good…

I never explained about the plumber – so funny!

the young plumber boy came to fix the leaking toilet (thank goodness) and was very funny walking through the main dungeon to get to the bathroom – he kept his head down, but was trying to shoot glances out… he didn’t ask – I didn’t tell!

About 20 minutes after he left, the head plumber rang – “Michael is new in the company, and I was wondering if I could come by and check his work… just make sure he’s done it properly…”

Sure you were!

I was unfortunantly too busy… “Oh -that’s okay, I’ll do a random test with someone else”

Obviously young plumber boy had rung up saying something along the lines of “Oh my god you’ll never believe what this place is like!” and his boss wanted to go and have a squizz for himself…

Sorry guys – the tour departs at 10am the 15th of Grune!

in other news –


swim swim!

Mmm – sometimes I almost forget that I’ve got a pool! I was sitting in here, mooching on Max (actually plotting to kidnap Master Jin with Mistres Saskia from Denver and torture him till he switches) feeling very hot (and not in a good way) So I went for a swim! Derr….. It was very…


Quizz and plumber

I have the plumber coming to fix the toilet this morning! I’m wondering what the look on his face will be like when I take him through the main dungeon… oh well – the real estate agents know its there, so there’s not really any reason to be anxious. But it will be amusing!  …


Bookings and cancellations

Well I usually have a very low rate of cancellations and/or no-shows, mostly because nearly all my sessions are “return to Mistress” as they used to say at SK. Today however I’ve had two! One was someone who was coming in to do a “slave for the day” – he was very polite and rang…


Just a quick note

I was ssoooo bored this morning – but now it looks as if I’ve got a few things on… Firstly I have to wave to my friend mistressquinn who’s just jumped online again. Yesterday’s session was heaps o’ fun – I did a very nice (even if I say so myself) bit of Japanese bondage…



Well I survived the massage of doom… my friend the therapist was much lighter than the previous times I saw her – so it wasn’t the usual “tour de force de pain” – her words not mine! Apparently I should roll around on a tennis ball to stretch something or other out… hmmm will have…