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painting painting

Well – the suspension frame in the main dungeon is now shiny black… so much better than patchy red and purple! In case anyone reading this doesn’t know – my main dungeon has an internal frame that goes around three sides of the walls and across the top – it’s very tall – over 8…


Yea or nay?!?!

I had a sub call me this evening when I was in the car asking if he could come in for a session tonight – I did have some time, so I said sure… 5 minutes later he called back and said he was sorry, but could we put it off till another time, he…


a quiz

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What’s the deal with Wednesday?

There were four sessions scheduled at Underworld today – three with me and one with another Mistress… How many went ahead you ask? None – that’s right, not one! I personally had all three examples of how not to have a session… Example One – The polite regular: Called yesterday and apologised that he wouldn’t…


Oh – I forgot

I hope baby Jamie is checking my journal – he’s got a lot of practicing to do before I get to tie his little dickie up with a pretty pink ribbon again! Aunty F told me to say hello when I mentioned you’d been back in my training again – she’s looking forward to seeing…


rather too apt really

I had a busy day again today… two fun sessions – one very heavy two hour bondage and piercing session… I got to use my medical – which I haven’t used before – it worked pretty well – but I need to move things around and make it my own before I feel comfortable in…


quiz and Monday

I still have so much to do – on Saturday night I threw out a horrible wobbly black bookcase that was in the main dungeon and put the stuff that was in it in the ugly chipped black chest of drawers… I hate it – and the paint (another whiney complaint – I’m sorry all)…


CB 3000

I had a lot of fun playing with a sub wearing a chastity device – the CB 3000! He said I was like a little girl with a bug in a bug-catcher (remember those) – I’m glad he doesn’t expect a cold, reserved Mistress and is happy with snickering, happy Mistress – I’d never be…