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busy suit day – conflicting worlds

Well I’ve just got back from a long tedious client meeting out at Lane Cove… As many who know me as a Mistress are unaware, I have a previous profession as a consultant. When I left working in agency (last one a UK based international) to go out on my own, I looked for another…


Plus – I see that I have somehow got two entries about Phil – one having disappeared when Xjournal crashed – I rewrote it and then posted it. But somehow both are there. Ugh – I hate looking like some stupid luddite….

stupid Xjournal

Has overwritten my previous post about the Rugby World Cup! Why – I wonders…. So the reply to Phil’s home – should really refer to the fact that I travelled up to Gosford last night to see the USA play Japan… which was fantastic….

Phil’s home!

Yay! My 15 year old siamese cat is home from the vet… he’s been very sick with bronchitis and pancreatitis recently. He’d got very dehydrated and honestly I wasn’t sure if he would be coming home again – but he’s a *lot* better! Running around saying “mau” and terrorising the bullmastiff again 🙂 Fingers crossed…

Phil’s home!

Our old grumpy siamese cat is home from the vet! He’s 15 and had been in for bronchitis – then had to go back even sicker – pancreatitis, vomiting, dehydrated – all v. bad – we were so scared we were going to lose him… But he’s much better and is home again. Running around…

nigel no mates

Understandable of course – as my LJ has only been up for half an hour or so! But even so – I’m hoping that someone will want to be my friend Perhaps I should go to be and the friend fairy will come in the night and give me some! I’m rather awake though –…