The Disciplinarian is different to the Dominatrix – both stricter and more nurturing… I am able to turn my hand to the most truculent young man (or lady) and give them a sound OTK spanking or more severe punishment if necessary – my well modulated tones strike terror into any miscreant’s heart. But fear not, once punishment is concluded the slate is wiped clean and my gentle touch will soothe the burning bottom.

I love most roleplay as a disciplinarian; Governess, Strict Aunt, dominant girl friend and of course Head Mistress in my well equipped schoolroom – giving each naughty boy a stern talking to for his misdeeds – then over the desk for the well deserved thrashing.


Age play can cover many activities – it can be as simple as being a “naughty schoolboy” being sent to the office, or can be a humiliating regression to wearing nappies. I’m very intuitive and understanding of the needs of adult babies, and all ages of adult boys and girls.
Traditional implements; crook handled canes both dragon and kooboo, straight rattan canes, genuine Lochgelly tawses in Medium and Heavy weights, strap, ebony hairbrush, wooden spoons, razor strop and of course my bare hand.