Extended and overnight sessions

If you’re looking to deepen your BDSM experience and submit for more than a couple of hours I recommend an extended day or overnight session. I am one of a small group of Dominas worldwide who specialise in this form of play. Sessions of up to a week in length are possible – day length, overnight, 18 or 24 hours are quite common lengths.

An extended session is not like 12 or 14 one hour sessions in a row – the balance of intensity and duration is a delicate one. Each session is different, for some it might be playing in the dungeon, then taking me to a fine restaurant while wearing interesting devices under your clothes then returning to play and sleep locked in my gaol cell. Others might prefer to be fed slave slop through the bars and spend the entire duration chained and beaten…

This is a perfect way to achieve complete immersion in 24/7 slavery or femininity with someone who is very experienced in making these fantasies a reality.