Genitals and nipples are such wonderfully sensitive areas – all the better for torturing and tormenting! I find that it is the cock that gets my slaves into all this trouble in the first place, and cbt can be a good way to remind them of their helplessness and of the fact that they put themselves in peril voluntarily! Cock and ball torture often includes; squeezing and twisting, bondage, electrical torture, weights, clamps, catheters, and piercing from light to extreme. As an ex-Martial Artist I have exceptional ball-busting skills, and enjoy utilising a variety of different strikes to produce different sensations.

When much younger I thought of nipples as control knobs for boys! How true, from light play between pleasure and pain – to extreme heavy torture including clamps, weights, wax, ice, whipping and of course piercing. The emotional intensity of eye contact during nipple play is such a bonding experience for Mistress and slave and one that I always relish.
Equipment includes; ErosTek and a wide variety of attachments, violet wand, TENS machine, humbler, wartenberg pin wheels, cattle prod, Pratt, Hegar and Bakes (rosebud) sounds, penis pump, ball crusher, leather weights, chrome locking ball weight, chrome chastity cage, leather chastity jock, elastrator, bondage cord, cock whips, nipple stretching tree, japanese clover clamps and a range of nipple clamps from light to heavy. Single use catheters, needles, sterile surgilube, sutures, medical staples and more.