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December – January availability


My goodness I’ve been busy – I haven’t posted on my blog for six months – that’s got to be some sort of record I think as I’ve been writing regularly since the old LiveJournal days more than 15 years ago! I have however been active(ish) on Social Media, particularly Twitter posting various thoughts, updates…

A general update and Easter availability


How miserable has the weather been the last month or so! It started raining the week Mistress An Li was visiting at the beginning of March and pretty much didn’t stop for weeks… luckily I really enjoy the sound of the rain on the dungeon roof but enough is enough. The last few days though…

Birthday and other fabulous things!

It’s my birthday in a few days and the weather seems to be playing along with some beautiful sunshine and warm days… though certainly not as warm as I was a couple of weeks ago when I was on holidays in Far North Queensland! That was a short but perfect little break to recharge –…