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Travel updates – USA in April/May

I can't believe it's been a year since I've visited the US to see all my fabulous Mistress friends and play with some of my very favourite submissives… I've been super lucky over the years to have made a lot of amazing friends and it's always exciting when I start booking my trips and planning…

Arrived in the US

I’ve arrived safe and sound in the US – and am enjoying the sunshine after all the miserable cold weather we’ve been having! The last week or so before I left was very busy with sessions as quite a few of my favourite subs wanted a chance to play before I set off on travels….

Irene Boss is coming to town!

Very soon Less than 4 weeks actually – she’s taking sessions for two days only – the 18th and 19th of September… so availability is very tight! I was just discussing her on the weekend when I had a fabulous session with someone who’d been to see her at The Compound in Pittsburgh. His primary…

Double Sessions

Well I’ve settled back into Sydney again – and it barely seems like I was away at all! I guess that’s always the way. mistress_jadis is gearing up for *her* travels soon… Though I was barely away for three weeks and she’ll be leaving for almost eight! She’s away from July 15th till September 4th…….