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Back from DomConLA

I’ve arrived back home in Sydney and as usual haven’t suffered too many ill effects from the long flight – though the comfy new Qantas A380 certainly helps in that regard… DomConLA was an amazing experience – I’m so very glad that I was able to attend as a Special Guest of Honour and get…

Arrived in the US

I’ve arrived safe and sound in the US – and am enjoying the sunshine after all the miserable cold weather we’ve been having! The last week or so before I left was very busy with sessions as quite a few of my favourite subs wanted a chance to play before I set off on travels….

Countdown to DomConLA

Well the countdown to DomConLA is well and truly under way! As is often the case I’d sort of let time get away from me not realising how the year was rushing past – then I saw Whypdancer from Canes4Pain tweeting about how she was working on new pieces for DomCon next month!!! Cue me…

On holiday December 3 – 15

Well I’m about to pack up and head off on some travels again – this time I’m going back to see my friends in San Francisco and then heading further North to visit Canada for the first time! I do love getting new stamps in my passport I’m just having a little holiday this time…