Sissification vs Feminisation

by | Feb 1, 2021

When I first started conducting professional crossdressing sessions back at Salon Kittys, the extreme frilly end of feminisation wasn’t that well known in Australia. Once I started getting involved with the International FemDom community however I discovered that there was a lot more than lingerie or frocks when it came to crossdressing sessions. 

Most “regular” crossdressing/ feminisation sessions are focussed on creating as convincing an illusion of womanhood as possible – this may end with a roleplay in the dungeon as a sexy slavegirl, an outing to get coffee dressed as an everyday lady or a different roleplay where the sub is now seen as female for the duration of the play. 

A Sissification session however never aims to create a woman, but rather a Sissy – a gender in their own right. The masculinity is forcefully stripped away and the new plaything is able to enjoy their embarrassing new role as Mistress’s Sissy Toy! 

Some Sissys are trained as Sissy Maids, some wear nappies under their frilly petticoats as Sissy Babies and others enjoy being placed on display in bondage as a Sissy Dolly, turned over my knee for a spanking or exploring roleplay options like Sissy Ballerina or naughty nephew forced into frills!

Sissymaid turned over my knee for a spanking

And the popularity of Sissy play just continues to grow as more and more subs discover that while being being feminised into a regular girl is still super fun, there’s something particularly enticing about the humiliation of layers of pink frills! 

Sissy dolly on display in a recent overnight session

I recently asked some of my Twitter followers both Domme and sub about their thoughts on Sissification and received some very thoughtful replies. 

Empress Akari a UK Domina wrote “I love sissification. I have found from my subs, that crossdressing is the act of wearing clothes of the opposite sex, whereas sissification is this, as well as the humiliation behind being demasculated/emasculated and submitting to their Dommes will in a feminine capacity.” 

Mistress Mercy in Florida mentioned “Crossdressing focuses on appearance while sissification also includes a submissive’s role and interests, esp roles that are traditionally overtly feminine, such as a sissy maid, bimbo sex doll, or sissy schoolgirl, to emphasize the sissy as a subservient or passive object.” 

Submissive perspectives included KinkyHill who wrote “crossdressing is kind of gender swapping,feeling how it is to be like the other gender, it has no or less humiliation involved, where as sissy is kind of another gender feel of less than a male version, but not a woman and it involved humiliation and degradation, just my thoughts” while MartThomson added “i think im more into the roleplay aspect of it i love dressing up as a sissy maid and doing some domestic chores and being disciplined but other than that i dont dress up in any other female attire.” 

One of my own playthings Sissy Jenny answered “I love the humiliation and submissive feeling of being forcefully sissified by you. When you control what I wear and look like, i feel completely in your power 😫 also the sensation of feminine clothes and looking pretty 😇 ”

When asked to elaborate about how that differs to other styles of crossdressing s/he replied “I feel more like your toy when I’m sissified, combination of submissive, slutty and pretty. I felt like I had to try and be a normal lady when outside having coffee with you.”

I have collected a range of different flamboyant and frilly sissy outfits in my Sydney cross dressing studio over the years and have recently added to the collection with a 75 yard pink organza petticoat that gives a perfect extreme, sissy silhouette. Sissy Baby outfits, pretty pink party dresses and at least 6 different maids uniforms from a conservative Downton Abby style to the classic Sissy Maid. 

But there’s always room for one more outfit! And definitely more shoes 😆 because while too much pink is never enough – a range of cute options is always fun!