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Kung hei fat choi to everyone! I hope that the year of the tiger brings everyone health, peace and prosperity 😀 I’ve been very busy with lots of sessions recently – all different fun things… It’s been great having Ms Jadis back from her travels too – she was away for a whole month and…


New sissy stuff!

I had my slave miss charlotte come over this afternoon so I could see how my newest additions to the Carisbrook c/d wardrobe. There’s always something new – but these are not your usual outfits! Sissy baby with satin booties, bonnetand mittens… Gorgeous in gingham My Edwardian parlour maid. A change from the usual fetish…


My first three day session

Well that was super fun – if a little exhausting! My 36 hour session went really well 🙂 It was the longest session I’ve done so far – though as I have a very strong interest in extended play and enslavement I’ve been thinking that I really want to do multi-day day sessions for some…



I have two sessions today, a good example of the different things I like! First was a simple half hour with a dedicated stockinged feet fetishist. I’d pre-worn some beautiful vintage tan rht stockings… He was in stocking-heaven sniffing and kissing them! My next session is at the opposite end of the spectrum, especially in…


almost done!

My newest playspace – the very last one (well unless I change my mind and move things around)! Today the team assembled for the Herculean task of lifting a large mirror onto the ceiling and securing it safely there… hmmm – mirrored ceiling – more than a little cheeky, especially considering what’s hanging underneath! Also…


sooo cute!

Hey everyone – happy 2010 – hope you’re having a fabulous time so far! I’ve already been having fun this year 🙂 I’m off to Melbourne tomorrow for a friend’s wedding at a winery in the Yarra Valley – it looks very swish 😉 though only staying one night… back at Carisbrook on Wednesday.

long time no update!

So I’ve been back in Sydney for almost two weeks and haven’t updated – oops 😉 The Bay area was great – I really enjoyed my first Thanksgiving! I’ve decided it’s an awesome holiday because it’s all about the snacks and not about buying people stuff they don’t need… I helped make the tofurkey –…


on holidays!

As from NOW – I’m using my holiday icon though it’s not summer holidays over there – though hopefully it won’t be too cold! I’m only away for a week and a bit… just a flying visit over to my friends in the Bay Area for Thanksgiving and maybe some shopping and fun 🙂 In…