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two naughty “girls”

I’ve been promising some photos from Daria’s special birthday session – she wrote a nice report of her experience over on The Scene messageboard So I finally got the photos off the camera and onto my computer – I have to rush off to session (more cross dressing – yay) but thought I’d leave you…


Travel plans

Latest travel plans – I’m sneaking a quick trip over to the Bay Area in three weeks! So excited – I’m going to be spending Thanksgiving with special people – it’s a holiday I’m not all that familiar with apart from seeing holiday specials on telly… but I’ve been promised a Tofurkey and all sorts…


loong photo post

I took a heap of photos in an extended heavy bondage session I did a couple of days ago – soo much fun! I’ve been really enjoying my new leather bondage toys – the sleepsack but especially the leg sheaths. They really turn any position into something really restrictive as the legs aren’t able to squirm at all… plus they smell amazing if you’re that way inclined 😉

This session actually started with the slave in bondage in the standing cage up on the South Floor – but I didn’t get any photos till I moved him to the cross for some flogging… loads of other stuff of course, but here are some happy snaps of some of the cool things that went on.

One of the great things about Carisbrook for me is having so many different spaces to play in – a session can move around rather than just stay in one room.



So I’ve been trying to stop the automatic arrival of all my tweets here in this journal – cause really, if people want to follow me on twitter then can follow me over there… But for some reason I can’t get the third party thingy to recognise that it’s even doing it! Eek – I’ve…