Discipline is my greatest love – I am a sexual sadist and get great pleasure from the suffering that my slaves endure in order to please me. I love to administer a firm and prolonged hand spanking, and have been told that my spankings are more severe than other Mistress’ paddlings!

I love the sound of the strap soundly applied to flinching buttocks – the loud crack that echoes around the dungeon. I also can administer a heavy and accurate back flogging – the raised and reddened flesh on either side of a white strip down the middle of slave’s back, or perhaps the bullwhip will leave perfect welts across your skin. But it is the cane that is my greatest love – the swish and crack as it leaves perfect double lines on the trembling white cheeks.

I’m an acknowledged International expert in Caning and have taught my class “The Sensual Art of Brutal Caning” at the International Dominatrix Convention DomConLA as well as being a top educator for my range of caning classes on the incredible online resource KinkAcademy.

As many of my slaves will attest, many who serve me learn to take more and more discipline every time – pushing the boundaries of their pain and my desire.

Equipment includes; thin, medium and heavy canes, Mike Murphy bullwhip, Mike Murphy signal whip, EM Brand mini-bullwhip, nylon snakewhip, mini-singletails, crook-handled English dragon canes, authentic hippo hide sjambok, light and heavy floggers, flipcat, heavy braided cat, rawhide “cane”, Malaysian style prison cane, Whangee canes, genuine Lochgelly tawse, leather straps and tawses, rubber, leather, leather, wood and metal paddles, solid jade “mere” paddle, riding crops and dressage whips.

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