Schoolroom or Dungeon; Archetypes of CP – part 1

by | Oct 21, 2020

I’m a rare combination of both a traditional non-nonsense Disciplinarian specialising in HeadMistress sessions and a classical Dominatrix tormenting my willing slaves in the dungeon. While each of these archetypes resonate very strongly with me they come with their own dress code, vocabulary and activities.

However whether I am wearing a pencil skirt and silk blouse or full leather military attire there is one activity that is common in both environments.

I refer of course to Corporal Punishment – aka Discipline or Impact Play.

In my practice – the *purpose* of CP is very different between these two classic archetypes – as Headmistress the administration of punishment is specifically for the benefit of the “naughty boy” – the cane may sting but I am confident that it will greatly benefit the recipient in terms of improved behaviour, demeanour and results.

In the dungeon however I prefer not to use Discipline as punishment – but see it as a gift of suffering and submission that the slave is giving to me. A way to connect via trust, endurance and ordeal.

Obviously I love both of these opportunities to play – and a happy week for me will include a balance of both. Each session with it’s own level of intensity that is balanced and measured – and different implements, sensations and severity that are suited to the individual recipient.

Sensations are often sorted into two camps – Sting or Thud – and recipients can often be very specific as to which type of sensation works for them and which definitely doesn’t!

As a Disciplinarian I have a very specific array of traditional implements. Obviously my bare hand for an Over The Knee spanking comes first – but the other implements that I use include leather school straps, the infamous Lochgelly tawse, woooden hairbrushes (though this is more common as Aunty than Headmistress) and most of all the cane.

With the exception of hand spanking which is firmly in the middle of both sensations – much of traditional Corporal Punishment falls into the “sting” category. The cane in particular is considered to be a sharp and shocking sensation rather than the progressively building intensity of thuddy dungeon implements such as floggers.

That said each cane has it’s own individual characteristics as learned quite clearly in a past session with professional submissive Hannah Elliot and an adult schoolboy I have been caning for many years.

As part of their punishment they had to each select a cane from my armoire – but then were caned with the counterparts selection! But only for six of the best… Hannah has a decided preference for thicker, more thuddy canes while S will always select a thin, swishy cane. So after the initial six I retired the used canes for cleaning, selected matching examples and gave each a proper thrashing with the cane best suited to their needs.

Which hurts more? Well that completely depends on the recipient – and it’s not exactly a case of “more” but rather which sensation works best for the individual. I know many thin cane enthusiasts who consider it more painful in an almost exquisite way. But for others, the deeper bite of the heavier cane is both craved and feared.

As a Disciplinarian while I always believe in making the punishment fit the crime, I have developed a slight preference for the swishier, stingier canes and am always on the lookout for new examples to add to my Armoire Armoury! They can be a little more difficult to source, particularly at a full length however I recently sourced some wonderful examples from Quality Control including one of their rare and beautiful Smoked Dragon canes.

And my thoughts and preferences in a Dungeon scenario?

We will have to wait for my next installment!

Hannah Elliot and naughty S have distinct cane preferences