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I got a present!

I went into the dungeon today and there was a large envelope from the UK waiting for me! Ooh….

It was a signed photograph of Jacqueline Pearce with the inscription reading “To Mistress Servalan love Servalan x (Jacqueline Pearce)”

How cool is that!

I’m going to have to get it framed and hang it in the dungeon 🙂

Huge thanks to my friend and all the penguins for getting that for me!

Hehehe – I wonder if anyone’s noticed that if you type “Servalan” into google my site comes up before the BBC one?!?

Oh – and in case you didn’t know, here’s what the BBC site has to say about my namesake…


blah blah

I’m in a bad mood tonight – which shouldn’t be the case because I had a fantastic session… lots of foot worship, golden showers, humiliation and even pantyhose fetish! It was very fun – we incorporated a secretary/boss role play where I was the secretary that caught my chauvinistic boss out with porn on his…


Salon Kittys

People often ask me about why I left Salon Kittys – and how I feel about Mistress Amanda and the other ladies… I’ve been thinking about this – because I saw David and Amanda at Rubber Ball and was so impressed with the wonderful performance they and the ladies put together. Also discussing my SK…


Tales from the ball

Well the Skin Two Rubber Ball was fabulous! The strict door policy was enforced – so (almost) everyone looked great, which makes a change from a lot of fetish parties where there are lots of “lurkers” wandering around wearing black pants and an ugly black pirate shirt and perving all the fetish finery… eeuuww Caught…


Another big night ahead!

Such a nice day today – I went and had another massage with the therapist not-of-doom 😉 which was great – I’m feeling a bit taller! Then off to Woolloomooloo to have lunch with Tim and David from Skin Two and DDI – they’re in town for the rubber ball tomorrow night… I had such…


I had an appointment to see the new season’s makeup colours at Chanel – which I did – but not without suffering with the stupid rat bastard trains…. one cancelled and the other late – which is a reminder of why I don’t catch public transport much! Anyway – the makeup artist was nice, but…



I wrote a post but xjournal crashed and ate it 🙁 Key points – Odd day, felt like lots of rushing and then nothing… – Had lunch with my mother and she managed to stab me in the foot with a ricocheting knife – foot is all recovered – Someone confirmed late but I’d given…