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So excite is being very difficult – sigh I’m expecting a proper solution in the nest few weeks…. But in the meantime – if you don’t get a timely reply from me on the email address…. please try again on – which is much more reliable! xxx

So I promised to post a few happy snaps of my New Stuff! Here are a couple of pics from after my session tonight – the new catsuit fits fine – even if the “torpedo tits” are not quite what I’m used too 😉 It’s certainly a very classic fetish look! I love that big…


Only two weeks to go!

This time in two weeks I’ll be on the plane – just a few hours away from SFO and some nice warm weather hopefully! I’ve had a very busy couple of days – just two sessions but for some reason the fates aligned so two of my favourite extended session subs (neither of whom are…