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New new new!

Or rather – gently used and new to me 😉 Oh My Goodness… I have so many new toys! A ProDomme acquaintance of mine retired a while ago and was finally saying goodbye to some of her equipment. Well I’m not one to stand my when there are toys and outfits to be snapped up…


July Travel dates

Yay – was just on the phone with the fabulous Mistress Wynter doing some plotting about my trip to New York in a few weeks! Wheeee – getting excited now 🙂 It’s another one of my bicoastal jaunts – but this time I’m adding in another state when I get to go visit Irene Boss…


Very strange… my voicemail isn’t working at all. Not that I actually listen to messages 😉 but I do let people know that – and explain how to unblock their phone to call me (simple – dial 1832) So – if anyone is wondering, both mistress_jadis and myself are around over the long weekend. In…