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Tweets for Today

19:26 murakami moment! Someone sitting in the unkempt weeds by the river in suburban kyoto playing a tuba. # 12:37 rural kyoto is very pretty. Ryokan onsen made of win… # 17:44 on a slow shinkansen to hakone. Huzzah for asahi goodness 😉 # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

Tweets for Today

22:22 in Kyoto now – though I really prefer Nara to be honest… Fire festival last night amazing! # 22:37 pondering what to do… some sort of snack would be a good thing, though it’s nice and warm in the hotel! # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

Tweets for Today

18:53 ergh – so tired! I should go clean and get ready for my next session… but kinda feel like lazing around instead 😉 # 22:53 packing packing – what shall I take with me to Japan? # 01:22 eek – must sleep! Plane wayy too soon… # Automatically shipped by LoudTwitter

away on holiday in……

eek – not many hours at all…. Heading off for some relaxation onsen style in Japan! I’ll be back again on the 20th of March – but in the meantime Mistress Jadis will be holding the fort at Carisbrook… Her contact number is 0422 980 557 See you soon! I’ll be sure to have plenty…


must pack…

sigh – I’m not a very organised person when it comes to things like packing… still thinking vaguely about what I want to take with me to Japan and I have to be at the airport at 6am tomorrow morning! Eek… I’ve had heaps of fun sessions recently – including my lovely cross dressing slut…


for Goddess Thain

so I wish that everyday was photoshoot day and I had my makeup artist come over and make me look all shiney…. part of course is that she’s hella cool in a fabulous “I was an old-school-model” way… and she’s my friend… also – dude – eyelashes!!! sadly – very few days are shoot days……


Mummy’s little princess…

So I have this teeny weeny puppy girl – a mere 120 pounds 😉 she’s my head of security cause she’s a very protective girl…. but a lot of the time she’s just a snuggle puppy – aka – Mummy’s Little Princess. Today was crazy busy! I have some amazing shots from today’s intensive video…



I’ve had some fun sessions recently – a couple of which have included tickling 🙂 which is always amusing…

A new (to me) sub came in for a domestic discipline session – lots of over the knee spanking and being turned over the spanking horse for a dose of the hairbrush as well… after he’d demonstrated some genuine contrition it was time to teach him a lesson about taking himself so seriously! So he was secured spread-eagled on the bed and ticked to within an inch of his life!

It was hilarious – and so fun… not so much tickle-torture but more tickle-fun 🙂

Lots of fabulous bondage recently – but not so much corporal punishment as usual – hmmm – wonder why that is? I need someone in for a proper thrashing I think!

Here’s some more pics – shame you can’t see my super cute hat better – I loves it gooooood 😉


heading off soon!

I’m getting excited about Japan now 🙂 I leave in just over a week! I fly into tokyo – then head to the ancient city of Nara – there’s a festival on while I’m there… The ceremony of water and fire in Nara Todai-ji temple – which has been held for 1200 years. It was…