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Well I’ve been having a great few days – apart from the fact that I hurt myself today 🙁 Swimming – caning – trampling – cooking yummy food – all the good things in life 😉 But then this morning, I somehow tripped coming upstairs at the dungeon and fell onto one knee – then…


New website!

My friend Mistress Serena has got her website up! It’s just a simple one page one from Pandemos – but that’s what I started with too and it’s always much better to have something rather than nothing I always say… especially as one look at her pictures shows just how different she is to a…


Thank goodness this week is looking a bit more relaxed than the last couple of weeks 🙂 though that said – my busy is so fun at the time – it’s just afterwards that I get a bit tired… A couple of fun sessions – Monday was with someone I haven’t seen before, and today…


Happy daylight savings!

I love daylight savings 😉 – last year deense explained how to remember which way the clocks go – “Spring forward, Fall back” – which only half applies here – but hey – at least I remember which way to fix my watch last night!

It’s raining today – so I guess huntrgreen‘s birthday is at the pub instead of the park! Which answers my thoughts about whether to bring Miss Killing Machine – I wanted to take her out, but was a bit worried if someone else’s puppy came to say hello she’d squash them or eat them… she’s booked in for some remedial training next week – I think it’s not so much that she’s aggressive to other dogs, just that she’s not quite sure how to play and she’s so big that she puts a paw wrong and they scream blue murder!

Yesterday was good fun – I had kellilasub come in for some training – a catch up on how well he’s been going and some fun things also 😉 There was much fun – posture training review, japanese bondage, metal bondage, some attention from my legree whip on the shoulders and bottom and then lots of lovely needles 🙂

I tend to only pierce “sensitive” bits like nipples and penises – so I decided to do a little decorative piercing on the chest – which is fun – not as painful but you don’t run out of space so quickly 😉

Okay – time for a coffee for me… if the cats will let me get out of bed (I know, laptop, wireless, wet weekend = laziness) I’m surrounded in sleepy purring pussy people 😉

Oh and cut because it’s big


Well that was fun!

Yesterday was great – apart from being woken up by the puppy too early… I had a fun session with a latex sub I know – this time focusing on lots of anal – I “ran the rack” of toys using three butt plugs. five dildos and my fist 😉 Then a little nap to…


Ergh – my silly puppy (aka the killing machine) decided to start barking and jumping around at about 6 this morning… I bribed her with lamb offcuts to settle down which worked for about 45 minutes or so… So I’m a bit sleepy! I think a nap after my midday session is in order –…



I saw Mistress Serena again tonight – she was in for a session with one of her most devoted slaves… I think he can’t believe his luck that she’s out of retirement again! Very busy day tomorrow – including an overnight session with thylacine__ – I’m looking forward to it! And in meme-land – hahahaha…



I just wrote a very interesting post all about my busy week thus far and damn Xjournal crashed! Here are the key points anyway… Monday – saw someone I’ve been seeing since I was an apprentice. Musing on subs who’ve known me my whole career. – then extended session with ozibootslave; slave’s choice instead of…


I had a lovely restful day yesterday – including a nice drink with Mistress Serena who was very disappointed to have missed Hellfire on Friday night. We’ve found a great rooftop bar/beer garden so spent an hour or two chatting and relaxing in the sun. She even had some pics for me! I promised I…