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oh I forgot to mention

I killed my vacuum cleaner! In session today – which is less strange than it might sound – I have a latex vac-bed which required a vacuum cleaner for the “vac” part – otherwise it’s just a strange sort of latex sleeping bag 😉 So I shall have to go and buy a new one!…


The dog ate my….

power supply! In case anyone was wondering why I’ve been MIA 😉 Chloe ate my power supply and I haven’t had a chance to get a new one… she’s settling in well – the cats are keeping her in line! In less domestic news I’ve had a busy few days – it’s always so nice…


Puppy puppy puppy!

I picked up my new dog from the RSPCA last night! Her name is Chloe – and she’s 13 months old! She was called a bullmastiff – but we’re fairly sure she’s actually a Great Dane/ Bullmastiff cross as she’s much taller and finer than Buffy – and has a very different shaped head… Anyway…


Night night

I had a nice day off today – I went out to the farm in the Southern Highlands and brushed a pony or two (of the equine sort) and saw lots of birds that seemed to think that spring was only just around the corner! I guess all that t-shirt sunshine will make you think…


So busy!

Well I’ve got lots to report on – and have been super busy lately… Lots and lots of fun – including a great all day session that started with slave’s clothes being soaked by me and then slowly sliced off with a knife – moved to slave dressed as a latex fetish maid eating out…


yesterday today :)

I had lunch with a friend of mine today – pub grub and a good chat 😉 Then this evening I saw a bondage aficionado I’ve been seeing almost as long as I’ve been independent. This was the first time of all the times we’ve played that I used almost no rope! I focussed on…



I’ve put this meme behind a cut because it displays so big… but my humour style is apparently a wit…. goodness…

It didn’t ask anything about some of the things I’ve found hilarious over the past few days – particularly in a recent session a girlfriend of mine came in to watch – like special Xmas in July cock bondage art in green and red, or bells in painful places playing a tune! hehehehehe


new stuff & day off

I took a day off yesterday and did domestic sort of stuff… bought new appliances, grocery shopping, went to the movies (Sin City – fabulous looking but very gory!) it was such a beautiful sunny day – well the last few days actually… On Saturday I went and had lunch (before a session with my…