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Movie meme

Hehehe – sounds like a cool movie! Msservalan in Questions Later In this thrill-per-minute epic, msservalan (Jennifer Aniston) is a hard-nosed mercenary with a mission. She needs to silence wise1sush (Nicole Kidman) before her archenemy, badpauly (Pierce Brosnan), kidnaps her. Following a conversation that seems to justify all violence, she brings down the haunted laboratory….



I was sorting through some of my medical supplies the other day and thinking that I haven’t done much piercing recently… I wonder why that is? Lots of lovely caning… lots of rope… lots of latex fetish and restriction… playing dress ups… using my strap on… just not so much needle play. Maybe I’ve not…


oh I forgot to mention

I killed my vacuum cleaner! In session today – which is less strange than it might sound – I have a latex vac-bed which required a vacuum cleaner for the “vac” part – otherwise it’s just a strange sort of latex sleeping bag 😉 So I shall have to go and buy a new one!…


The dog ate my….

power supply! In case anyone was wondering why I’ve been MIA 😉 Chloe ate my power supply and I haven’t had a chance to get a new one… she’s settling in well – the cats are keeping her in line! In less domestic news I’ve had a busy few days – it’s always so nice…


Puppy puppy puppy!

I picked up my new dog from the RSPCA last night! Her name is Chloe – and she’s 13 months old! She was called a bullmastiff – but we’re fairly sure she’s actually a Great Dane/ Bullmastiff cross as she’s much taller and finer than Buffy – and has a very different shaped head… Anyway…


Night night

I had a nice day off today – I went out to the farm in the Southern Highlands and brushed a pony or two (of the equine sort) and saw lots of birds that seemed to think that spring was only just around the corner! I guess all that t-shirt sunshine will make you think…