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Just a rambly update I think… Training this morning (as usual) – I don’t think I was very focussed to be honest. Guess I’m just not that much of a morning person 😉 though to be honest with my move and associated drama my martial arts have slid a little… I’m very disappointed that I’m…


how tedious

some silly person has registered a mistress servalan email address and sent me a rude email. I just wanted to let people know if you receive anything that’s not from my regular excite addy it’s not me.

It’s up! Huzzah… mistressjadis has got her website up… Go have a look – wipes a tear from my eye – isn’t is sad when the little ones start to grow up

Goodbye Underworld!

So – I settled on my Fabulous New Dungeon yesterday… and am now the proud owner! Slightly annoyingly – there is still a tenant in there. During the contract process my lawyer was concerned over who was responsible for giving notice etc etc – which meant that the tenant (who’s lived there for 12 years)…


I so need a secretary!

As some may know I’m not always the most organised person in the world! I’m super focussed when it’s something in the moment – particularly sessions of course cause you know – they’re fun… but training, writing at times, when I’m caught in discussion, reading… very focussed. Just not so much other times – sigh…


So everyday updates kinda fade in comparison to my previous news… but still – I’m running around doing regular stuff as well – umm – regular stuff for me that is. Not so sure how regular it is in comparison to the rest of the world 😉 Of course for me – that means dressing…