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Fear, pain and humiliation

This is the feedback I received from the amazing session I did on Saturday 🙂 I think my sub puts it better than I could… overall it was many many hours of slowing and methodically breaking him down – happy sigh Obviously this sort of session isn’t something that I would do with anyone –…


so – very – tired

but happy! I’m just winding down from a fabulous extended session… about 11 or 12 hours all up – lots of terrible brutality – contented sigh I’d tell more – but that would involved coherent typing 😉 maybe later!


I did my first breaking at a martial arts demonstration over the weekend… and here’s a pic! It was such an amazing experience, I was very nervous – but it all went very well 😀

I’ve been having a very busy week… lots of fun sessions – including a couple of couples 😉 I guess it’s a romantic time of year 😉 Both of these were for training rather than sessions per se – which I have to say is something I really enjoy… I like feeling like people go…


New toys!

As always there are new toys… I think I forget to post about my new stuff – I know my accountant despairs because if I’m not buying some sexy new bit of fetish wear for me (or my crossdressers) it’s a new toy of one sort or another. But at least it’s all a tax…


I really need to get my poor feet done – I saw Mistress Serena the other day (sorry to all her devotees she’s still not really available for sessions) and she was shocked at my unpainted toes! I think it’s the first time in the seven years we’ve known each other I’ve looked so scruffy!…


Well Conrad’s party on Saturday night was very fun… I’d not had specific plans to play, but was asked by P if I wanted to do some piercing on her – and away we went – happy sigh – some time later the box of needles was all empty 🙁 and she had pretty patterns…