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Chained and chaste!

I have been having a couple of fun relaxed days recently – been to lots of yoga, wandered around Newtown looking super scruffy, enjoyed reading in bed during the day (well it’s nice and warm there!) and listening to music…

But have had some fun sessions – including one last night that was with a regular sub of mine who’s into a range of different things but who’s had a facination with chastity play for some time… he’s bought himself a CB3000 and brought it into session last night!

Now he’s only just started working out which spacers/ring etc are going to work – but I had fun last night deciding that the chosen ring wasn’t secure enough!

The device was on for the whole session – I have to say the look on his face when I directed a very high force g/s right into the cage at the end of the session was priceless! Especially when I told him to have a shower and get dressed again before I gave him back the keys at the door 😉 hmmm – a very good introduction to the CB3000!


It’s been a while since last update – I think that not having a client on my new poota makes a difference… speaking of which I’m going to have to get it looked at as there is a slight problem with the screen – it only shows up on a very few backgrounds… just a…


Stolen from everyone 😉 Image meme Think of the first word that comes to mind when you think of me. Run a google image search on that word. Reply to this entry & post one of the pictures from your search, but don’t tell me what the word was. Put this in your journal, so…


I keep meaning to write about all the cool sessions I’ve been doing lately 😉 I’ve had a few very new novices come in lately who’ve never seen a Mistress before – I always tell people when they ring me for an intro session that they should ring around and speak to a few different…


Hey – my first mobile phone pic! I took this a while ago before a session… I sent it recently to slave-S but his phone didn’t accept pics! So here it is for him to look at 🙂 and other people too of course 😉

Oooh – I went to a sex shop and bought naughty stuff today! Some Japanese bondage magazines in fact – I’ve decided that I’m in love with Reiko Asada – she’s so cute! I went to a private play party last night which was great fun – last time I went I was a little…


New Poota!

I am posting from my shiny shiny new Macbook Pro! Ooooh – it is the sexiest thing ever and I love it with all the love 🙂 I even have a webcam built in now – but don’t expect much use. In sad news I think my old ibook has died 🙁 it seemed to…