Extended, Overnight & Multi-day Sessions

by | Jun 26, 2019

Followers of my adventures would know that I conduct a large number of Extended Sessions and have for pretty much my entire ProDomme career. Starting back in my earliest days at Salon Kitty’s and continuing ever since. Particularly of course in recent years as I have curated a playspace that’s perfectly set up for intense and varied experiences.

For subs and slaves who are accustomed to a one or two hour session it can be hard to imagine how an extended session would run – particularly the extreme versions of several days! Do you get to eat? Do you get to sleep? How does it all work? What defines an extended session?

For me an extended session is one where the deepest experiences of BDSM and FemDom can be explored. Discussing these experiences with my subs over the years they have all said that the key aspect is losing all sense of time and the everyday world. Instead of dipping a toe into fetish you have full kink immersion over many hours or even days.

Of course each session is unique – and follows it’s own energy. However don’t expect the pace of a day or overnight experience to be like 4 or 5 two hour sessions stuck together! We’d both be jaded and exhausted long before it was time to release you to the outside world!

Pricing reflects this – I genuinely love having more time to explore and not feel the pressure to jam lots of content into a couple of hours.

Day sessions are $1150 for 8 hours – starting in the morning. These are fantastic for those who can’t be away overnight.

Overnight sessions are $1150 for approximately 12 hours starting in the night. This includes a minimum of five hours play and seven hours sleep – usually locked in the cell though other more intense options are also possible. Perhaps hanging in the ball cage completely helpless and on display.

Longer sessions are certainly possible/welcome from 18 hours to a whole week. These often incorporate outings into the vanilla world though still under my control… dinner in a beautiful restaurant or a visit to a gallery locked in a chastity device or with discreet bondage under your clothes.

Just as in shorter timed sessions, each extended session is an experience that I curate based on both of our interests. A majority of my longer sessions are bondage focussed as this is a perfect way to really get to experience the kind of intense, restrictive bondage that I love. Combined with sensory deprivation it’s a totally different mind-trip than feeling you’re no sooner fully restrained than it’s time to take everything off again.

That said I’ve enjoyed other styles of play in longer sessions. Naughty schoolboys on detention for example writing lines and maybe getting a taste of Borstal if they don’t improve their attitude. Or a feminisation bootcamp with lots of outfits to try on and perhaps a little outing to a local cafe or cocktail bar. There’s nothing like spending time in being your feminine self and not rushing back to the masculine world.

I personally don’t require a short session first though each lady is different – as long as I believe that our interests are compatible I’m happy for your first experience in my dungeon to be all day or overnight. I know that my dear friend Ms Jadis prefers a shorter session first as explained in her post https://www.msjadis.com/overnight-extended-sessions/ 

I’ve written a few blog posts over the years about my extended adventures… Here is a small selection though I’m sure if you use the search function you’ll find lots more!

I asked on Twitter what people would like to know and had a few questions come in…

Daddy An Li asked From the Domme side, how do you not get burned out w multi day sessions? I find that putting that much focus on one person over a relatively longer period of time leaves me completely exhausted. 
I think this really comes down to experience… when I first started doing longer sessions I would get super tired afterwards but now not so much. The best advice I can give is to be authentic to your actual personality and interests… if you’re having to pretend to be into something you find sort of “meh” it’s going to be super exhausting! Depending on the style of session try and factor going out of the dungeon also – a nice lunch with a harbour view or a walk in the park gives you a chance to decompress and there are plenty of totally discreet play options that mean you don’t lose your dynamic.

Mitzi-girl asked Thank you for allowing input here Ms. I have always wondered about the down times / the in-between activity times. How do you and the sub manage these?
I’m not sure if there are exactly “down” times – because the focus of these sessions is usually intense D/s immersion so even if I’m not actually spanking them at the time they always are aware that they are under my control. Durational bondage for example really comes into it’s own after a few hours… When it comes to outings it is still always under my direction.

Mistress Matters asked In a multi-day, do you work in periods periods of isolation or abandonment? How do people react to that? I imagine it might vary widely. 
Yes and no – my dungeon is a large open-plan space so it’s easy for me to have someone caged for example and still be able to see and hear them. I find that anticipation is a key torment in these sessions. I love sensory deprivation, durational bondage and caging so having plenty of time really gives me a chance to indulge! It’s very intense from a mind-control perspective as the sub will both fear and crave my return…

If people are slightly claustrophobic or have different interests then they can be given other options that fulfil a similar role. Writing lines or essays for Disciplinarian style sessions, being given cleaning tasks either as a prisoner or a maid acts to create the environment where anticipation flourishes.