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Boys will be girls

Well my “girl” last night was very cute!

I’d been informed that she preferred a more conservative to slutty look so I went and did some shopping as I wasn’t sure what in my collection would suit…. I bought the cutest top and panties set in pink with black polka dots made of satin and net… as well as a great little mini skirt, a longer tweed secretary style skirt and a nice long sleeve black top with a diamonte brooch – plus a great silver scarf/belt that really just lifts any outfit.

I am about to do wardrobe overhaul number 2 – when I took over from Mistress Synna I threw out a lot of the stuff she’d collected – but not enough – I need to cull it down some more. The scary thing is that there’s still stuff I didn’t know I had! I think she must have been the biggest bowerbird – I can’t for the life of me work out why someone needs 10 black and 8 white garter belts for example, or even more strange why they would need 25 pairs of size 12 cotton knickers…

There are a lot of things that seem like they’d be okay but are too small to suit 90% of my “girls” and a few things that I’m just not likely to use…

I’d honestly rather just go buy new stuff – because I have my own style that I like to show – and strange old lady lingerie just doesn’t fit!

Anyway – we made little Miss A look very pretty with a pink flip skirt, long sleeve black top (the one I just bought), black opaque stay ups, pink sandals, and the new silver belt/scarf as a finishing touch. She looked great! Especially after her makeover and a new look with a sexy brunette wig…

as to what happened after – well that’s another story 😉


Relaxing end to a busy week

Yesterday was good fun, I had one of my favourite regular slaves in to play for a couple of hours… he’s into cp, golden showers, foot worship and strap-on… what’s not to love! Funny thing is, he told me that he was scared off coming to see me originally because I seemed too brutal –…


So Busy!

I’ve been so busy the last couple of days – so that’s why no updates… Wednesday I had lunch with Midori – who’s here currently on a teaching tour. I took her to Icebergs Dining Room at Bondi Beach… I’d not been there before, but have had fabulous feedback on it from friends and thought…



The session today was very fun – even though B wasn’t up to the level of cp that he’s taken in the past – it was still very fun… I still think that 3 dozen strokes of the cane is a more than respectable number! Particularly because one of my friends came in as a…


an update

Well everyone must be wondering if I made it back from Mardi Gras! Hehehehe It was a fabulous party… I spent most of my time in the Horden – first with DJ Josh (who I luurrrvve) and then to DJ 4Strings who played an incredible 10 hour set! Saw two of the shows – Nicki…


Dance dance dance….

But I’m not a kitty cat 😉 It’s Mardi Gras tonight! Yay – not going in the Parade, I’ve done that – with Sydney Leather Pride of course – the one where they had the giant pissing man statue that a friend of mine made 😉 all that walking and being gawked at by yobbos…


Happy Birthday!!

Happy Birthday to goddessamazon! I hope that this year is even better than the last – you’ve achieved so much in the year or so I’ve known you here on lj (and on Max) – your fabulous paysite, being the first Black Mistress of the OWK and generally going from strength to strength! Lots of…


I got a present!

I went into the dungeon today and there was a large envelope from the UK waiting for me! Ooh….

It was a signed photograph of Jacqueline Pearce with the inscription reading “To Mistress Servalan love Servalan x (Jacqueline Pearce)”

How cool is that!

I’m going to have to get it framed and hang it in the dungeon 🙂

Huge thanks to my friend and all the penguins for getting that for me!

Hehehe – I wonder if anyone’s noticed that if you type “Servalan” into google my site comes up before the BBC one?!?

Oh – and in case you didn’t know, here’s what the BBC site has to say about my namesake…