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for Goddess Thain

so I wish that everyday was photoshoot day and I had my makeup artist come over and make me look all shiney…. part of course is that she’s hella cool in a fabulous “I was an old-school-model” way… and she’s my friend… also – dude – eyelashes!!! sadly – very few days are shoot days……


Mummy’s little princess…

So I have this teeny weeny puppy girl – a mere 120 pounds 😉 she’s my head of security cause she’s a very protective girl…. but a lot of the time she’s just a snuggle puppy – aka – Mummy’s Little Princess. Today was crazy busy! I have some amazing shots from today’s intensive video…



I’ve had some fun sessions recently – a couple of which have included tickling 🙂 which is always amusing…

A new (to me) sub came in for a domestic discipline session – lots of over the knee spanking and being turned over the spanking horse for a dose of the hairbrush as well… after he’d demonstrated some genuine contrition it was time to teach him a lesson about taking himself so seriously! So he was secured spread-eagled on the bed and ticked to within an inch of his life!

It was hilarious – and so fun… not so much tickle-torture but more tickle-fun 🙂

Lots of fabulous bondage recently – but not so much corporal punishment as usual – hmmm – wonder why that is? I need someone in for a proper thrashing I think!

Here’s some more pics – shame you can’t see my super cute hat better – I loves it gooooood 😉


heading off soon!

I’m getting excited about Japan now 🙂 I leave in just over a week! I fly into tokyo – then head to the ancient city of Nara – there’s a festival on while I’m there… The ceremony of water and fire in Nara Todai-ji temple – which has been held for 1200 years. It was…


bwahahahaha – just cause I was talking to neophyte31 about supposed sadists complaining they can’t find heavy masochists to play with – hmmmmm maybe they should get the latest product from Blammo! snicker


in lieu of a proper entry – tomorrow I promise 😉 Describe me in one word… just one single word. Positive or negative. Leave your word in a comment before looking at the words others have chosen. If you’re so inclined, post the question in your own journal and give people a chance to characterise…


So – I’ve had a fair bit on recently – lots of good fun sessions – a fabulous photo shoot… and planning my holiday to Japan (from 11 March). I still haven’t decided to head North or South (from Tokyo) one thing for sure there will be Onsen goodness because I am an Onsen Addict!…