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a proper update…

Rather than some youtube videos 🙂 I’ve been quite busy recently – including a 17 hour session recently! I know those sorts of extended sessions seem incredibly daunting – but it’s not “all suffering all the time” 😉 – I’ve been seeing this particular sub since my Salon Kitty’s days – and we have a…


Gong Hei Fat Choi!

I hope everyone has health and prosperity this year… I’ve had a relaxing Long weekend – I went out one night and got to spend some time with one of my friends from Salon Kittys – the very beautiful Mistress Thalia we had such a good time chatting… she’s still as gorgeous as ever 😉…



So HOT! And I usually like hot weather… Last night I’d had enough – I decamped sometime after midnight and ran off to Carisbrook which was still nice and cool from having the aircon on for sessions… the sofa bed isn’t a patch for comfy on my lovely solid wooden sleigh bed – but the…


fingers crossed….

So I’m sitting in a korean restaurant in marrickville waiting hopefully for some noodle soup. Originally I tried a couple of vietnamese places, but discovered that everything was made with chicken or beef. Apparently I’m a “full vegetarian” as opposed to what I’m not sure… Someone who just doesn’t eat actual pieces of meat. Ooh…


We’re back!

In a strange scheduling error both Ms Jadis and myself were away for a couple of weeks 😉 I hope people weren’t too tormented not being tormented as it were – giggles This is us at a recent Hellfire (even if last year) – go the rubber – though both of us have new shiny…


Hope everyone’s 09 is going well so far!

Mine is EXCELLENT – hehe – I’ve already had some really great sessions this year – a big highlight was an extended (I think we did about 11 hours – but the timing’s not exact on these sorts of sessions) one a couple of days ago.

So much fun! Lots and lots of bondage – starting with full plaster mummification as in the photo below the cut. This is not bondage for the uncertain 😉 it takes quite some time to get in – and quite some time to get out again! Very Fun however if the sub enjoys total enclosure and extended immobility. The rest of the time inlcuded lots and lots of good things – particularly full rubber encasement (as in the other pic) – happiness!

In scheduling news I have a friend visiting me from overseas at the moment – so I have limited session availability – particularly I’m not doing longer sessions. I’ll be out of Sydney enjoying the summer sunshine down the coast for a few days next week too – so unavailable from the 11th to the 15th.


Happy New Year!

I had a fairly quiet one at home with friends drinking champagne and chatting… a change from being out at a big party and *much* better than battling the PPPP brigade one finds around the city! PPPP = Poxy Povo Pisshead Peasants. Not at all PC but you know exactly what I mean! Anyway –…