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My best Mistress friend…

Originally published at Mistress Servalan on tour. You can comment here or there. I’m so looking forward to playing with the amazing and talented Mistress Wynter again! I haven’t been in her lovely studio since July last year which is far too long. It’s a funny thing – but from the first time we met…



Originally published at Mistress Servalan on tour. You can comment here or there. So I’ve put this little thing together as a way to keep all my tour information together… I’m so looking forward to seeing all my friends both Domme and sub. Check back because I’ve only just started dropping some content in here…


New playmate!

Originally published at Mistress Servalan on tour. You can comment here or there. I’ve been friends with Mistress Katya of NYC for quite some time… we share a love of latex *and* Hello Kitty   visit her website for more information (and eyecandy) If you’re interested in playing with us both in NYC between…


session happy snaps

A couple of happy snaps taken on my phone this evening after my fabulous domestic discipline session… I *love* disciplinarian sessions – and approach them very differently to those conducted in the dungeon. Some will be scholastic and conducted in my wonderful schoolroom and some more domestic and conducted in the bedroom. I had a…


you put the words right into my mouth ;)

This was written by a “naughty boy” I’ve been seeing for 8 or 9 years now – he’s into domestic discipline and age play… The piece is a “letter I’ve written to a junior disciplinarian which he stole from my desk” 😉 obviously all is role play and everyone involved is an adult naughty boy (or disciplinarian).

Some thoughts on the Discipline of Boys

Learning to effectively meet the disciplinary needs of naughty boys takes time and no little effort. My position at this school as headmistress, means that it is my personal responsibility to take in hand, all boys who need expert care when it comes to addressing the problem of protracted naughtiness. Whilst there can be no doubt that one should always start at the bottom, there are many points to consider when choosing an approach to take. For this reason I would like to illustrate just some of the complexities of dealing with boys who are in need of a firm hand.

Every boy is different (at least at first) so you have to understand that even the act of baring the bottom can be performed in a variety of ways. When giving a spanking, a boy may be taken taken over the knee before his bottom is bared, or the bottom may be bared whilst he is still standing. Of course the latter method raises the question of whether the pants are to be pulled down to the knees, or whether they should come down only enough to expose the cheeks of the bottom whilst remaining high enough at the front to provide some degree of modesty. There are those who argue that one should never deviate from a tried and trusted method, but one must understand the extent to which it is necessary to embarrass the particular boy in one’s care.


Travel plans – May

I’m heading back to the US again for a couple of weeks to visit with all my fabulous friends… I’m leaving Sydney on Friday the 14th of May, and will be back home again on the 2nd of June. I’ll be in the Bay Area for the first few days, catching up with friends and…