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here she is :)

Claire, my beautiful sissy girl! oh – yes – and my fabulous apprentice too! In case you were wondering who the tall, slim, blonde was hehe Just some “happy snaps” from our session the other day 🙂

Thanks to everyone for the comments on my webcam pics 🙂 I love that hat too! It was a gift from ozibootslave when we went shopping in London… I’ve had some fantastic sessions – including getting to use my sjambok! It is indeed very severe – apparently combining both sting and thud in an unusual…


weekend update

I had a good weekend – training on saturday morning as ever… not long now to the grading! We trained really hard which is always a good thing – though it does take me a while to get moving very fast in the morning 😉 My foot is looking rather impressive – the bruising is…


How nice has the sunshine been these last few days! I’ve had a perfect mix of sessions and other stuff – though I suspect that’s more good management than good luck in a lot of ways as I really try not to take too much on. Hence the not-answering-the-phone thing when I’m busy… 😉 Monday…


Apprentice update

Well enough about my strange musical taste – I’m sure people are far more interested in how my beautiful apprentice is going… mistress_jadis has come in on several sessions of mine now – and so far I’m impressed with how she’s progressing… I must say I had a bit of an eye opener one day…



The rules of which, apparently, are that you get tagged with a letter of the alphabet and have to list ten of your favourite songs starting with that letter, then other people comment on your LJ, you tag them with a letter, and the vicious cycle continues. I got tagged with the letter “I” by…


new toy update

A new toy has arrived from Africa! An authentic sjambok made of hippo hide…. eek – not surprisingly it came with a little “opened for inspection” love letter from customs – hehe – but they let it through – huzzah! I have to say it’s rather strange – it looks like a piece of wood,…