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okay – so lots of things have been happening… fabulous sessions – wonderful feedback blood rope sordid things and I have a New Toy – thanks to sk_ott – a fabulous anal hook – rather different from the usual sort one sees – even more effective I would think… happy sigh – it has a…


Anzac day

I came across this quote the other day when I was explaining Anzac Day to neophyte31 Which is sort of hard to explain in a lot of ways – why it’s so an important – more so than Australia Day I personally think… Anyway – this quote is from Mustafa Kemal Ataturk who was the…


sniff snergle

I’m at home with a cold today – not the flu – but it *is* a nasty cold… So no Boot Camp for me tonight 🙁 and if anyone’s been ringing me – I’m not answering the phone at the moment


laughing – someone called me that today – hehehe – how cute! I haven’t been writing up my sessions much recently – not sure why – there’s been heaps of fun things going on – but I think sometimes I’m in the mood for writing and sometimes I’m not… also if I feel I’ve fallen…


Long time no update…. slack I know….

I had a good easter – went to Ascension at Manacle on Friday and really enjoyed dancing to Ryan Murphy – he played a remix of Reckless that was fantastic! Easter Sunday I went to the Show – which is always fun… saw the big fruit and vegetable displays which is my favourite – but I didn’t think they were as good this year… though all the fruit looked tasty 😉

What else – lots and lots of fun sessions recently – with some new people which is always interesting – usually I’d say four out of five sessions I do are with subs I’ve played with before… one memorable session was a full transformation which was *very* fun – I like the creativity of transformation – and seeing just how feminine someone can look… very! Especially with press-on nails which totally transform masculine mitts into feminine hands.

I caught up with Mistress Serena yesterday which was great – as many of her subs know she’s been busy with other projects recently – but keep an eye out because she may be freeing up some playtime in her diary again!


Book meme

Look at the list of (100) books below. Bold the ones you’ve read. Italicize the ones you want to read. Leave blank the ones that you aren’t interested in. Movies don’t count.

This list is the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen – who the hell complied this list is what I ask? Weird….


He’s back in!

I’ve been meaning to write an update about beltmeplease…. who came to see me on Friday and ended up back in the cb3000 – with me holding tightly to the keys of course! It’s been *ages* since he’s been locked so I hope he made the most of freedom 😉 because knowing my track record…