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He’s back in!

I’ve been meaning to write an update about beltmeplease…. who came to see me on Friday and ended up back in the cb3000 – with me holding tightly to the keys of course! It’s been *ages* since he’s been locked so I hope he made the most of freedom 😉 because knowing my track record…



stolen from ms_ariel and sfracerx What Be Your Nerd Type? Your Result: Literature Nerd   Does sitting by a nice cozy fire, with a cup of hot tea/chocolate, and a book you can read for hours even when your eyes grow red and dry and you look sort of scary sitting there with your insomniac…


Well I’m back in the swing of things again – interesting how it quickly being away reverts to regular life… I’ve had quite a number of fabulous sessions since I came back – including plenty of severe ball torture for poor adam4cbt on two occasions! I also have had a chance to use most of…


I competed in my first Kung Fu tournament today! It was a bit of a surprise really because I’d told my Sifu I didn’t want to compete this time as I was away for almost two weeks of training just before – but she managed to convince me at the last moment…

Anyway – I missed out on an ugly trophy (by 0.02 points it must be said) – but was very happy with my performance and was the second placed woman in the beginner/intermediate section of Traditional Forms Hard Style (if that makes sense – hehehe) First and second places were both boys from my club – one of whom is a senior student who probably shouldn’t have been in that ring – and third was a Karate brown belt woman…. and before anyone asks – yes there were more than four people! Hehehe – I beat all the men who weren’t from my club 😉

So good fun – and most importantly Sifu was proud of me – especially because I’d missed so much training in the lead up… and it was my first competition – though probably not the last 🙂


photo goodness….

I had a lovely surprise when I got home on tuesday – a cd full of serpentinekiss‘s beautiful work… I love her with the love! My hair is much shorter now – so I guess that means we need to organise another shoot sometime soon 😀

Home again home again….

Jiggety jig! I arrived home yesterday morning – though about two and a half hours later than was expected! Eeek – just what everyone needs at the end of a 14 hour flight is the news that we can’t get into Sydney due to fog and will have to stop in Brisbane to refuel…. ergh…


I’m here! In San Francisco – or rather Oakland which is to SF as Chatswood is to Sydney… but is a separate city which is kinda confusing…

I’m lazing around at the moment – about to get dressed and get the train into town to do some more shopping I think. Yesterday was sorely disappointing when I went to a store called Shoe Fetish that was a Very Long Walk from the bart station to find all they had was cheap shit stripper shoes 🙁 So I went to Macy’s instead – insert more walking here… so much for getting fat while I’m not going to Kung Fu!

I had lunch with alphapup on Monday which was fabulous – he needs to come back to Sydney though – we all miss him far too much… And I also caught up with elflet 🙂 though by the time I got back to Oakland all the walking around had made my tail end of jet lag jump up and bite me and I just couldn’t face heading out again so cancelled my dinner plans with sfracerx and partner… sigh – now of course I think I should have just muscled through – but hindsight is like that… they’re heading out of town so not sure if we’ll get a chance to catch up this trip.

Ah – and in lieu of actual content –