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Home again home again….

Jiggety jig! I arrived home yesterday morning – though about two and a half hours later than was expected! Eeek – just what everyone needs at the end of a 14 hour flight is the news that we can’t get into Sydney due to fog and will have to stop in Brisbane to refuel…. ergh…


I’m here! In San Francisco – or rather Oakland which is to SF as Chatswood is to Sydney… but is a separate city which is kinda confusing…

I’m lazing around at the moment – about to get dressed and get the train into town to do some more shopping I think. Yesterday was sorely disappointing when I went to a store called Shoe Fetish that was a Very Long Walk from the bart station to find all they had was cheap shit stripper shoes 🙁 So I went to Macy’s instead – insert more walking here… so much for getting fat while I’m not going to Kung Fu!

I had lunch with alphapup on Monday which was fabulous – he needs to come back to Sydney though – we all miss him far too much… And I also caught up with elflet 🙂 though by the time I got back to Oakland all the walking around had made my tail end of jet lag jump up and bite me and I just couldn’t face heading out again so cancelled my dinner plans with sfracerx and partner… sigh – now of course I think I should have just muscled through – but hindsight is like that… they’re heading out of town so not sure if we’ll get a chance to catch up this trip.

Ah – and in lieu of actual content –



I’m packing up my comptuer and am about to head to the airport… Gee I hate flying – but at least it’s lovely Qantas and not stinky stinky United! Back in Sydeny on the 20th (Tuesday week) answering phone on the 21st – though I’ve already got a session booked with adam4cbt that afternoon –…


Eeek – a pigeon! I’ve been meaning to do a proper big update about all the cool things I’ve been up to – suffice it to say there have been heaps of fabulous sessions – in fact – you can read a review of some fun I had on friday night with a certain willing…


Fear, pain and humiliation

This is the feedback I received from the amazing session I did on Saturday 🙂 I think my sub puts it better than I could… overall it was many many hours of slowing and methodically breaking him down – happy sigh Obviously this sort of session isn’t something that I would do with anyone –…


so – very – tired

but happy! I’m just winding down from a fabulous extended session… about 11 or 12 hours all up – lots of terrible brutality – contented sigh I’d tell more – but that would involved coherent typing 😉 maybe later!


I did my first breaking at a martial arts demonstration over the weekend… and here’s a pic! It was such an amazing experience, I was very nervous – but it all went very well 😀

I’ve been having a very busy week… lots of fun sessions – including a couple of couples 😉 I guess it’s a romantic time of year 😉 Both of these were for training rather than sessions per se – which I have to say is something I really enjoy… I like feeling like people go…