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Shop day!

I had such a great day today I had a fantastic night’s sleep at last! I’d been waking up around 3 or 4 every night and being really tired the next day so was very happy to have a big sleep in today 🙂 Today was a shopping day – first I wandered down to…


Happy Birthday cinner1973 though it’s still Sunday here in San Francisco… hey – I think I’ll go shopping and buy you a present! xxxx

I passed :)

Well I finished the branding course today – I have to say there’s a reason why they are called “intensives”! Very very intense two days – and I have a million ideas running through my brain. I was the first student to give a brand (a multi-strike) and the last student to receive a brand……



Well I’ve arrived safe and sound and am sitting in the tiny lobby of the hotel waiting for my room to be ready – in a clever feat of organisation on my part I didn’t bother checking check-in time so have had three hours to kill…. and kill I will if I don’t get a…



Happy Birthday master_flea Look what a horroscope says… “Increased energy available for productivity in your work sparks new creativity and innovation, opening the channels for greater financial flow. Early to mid-July is a great time for travel that opens the gateway to new experiences.” – that’s lucky isn’t it! Though I have no idea what…


Super busy day yesterday my feet are still a little tender from all the hours in boots 😉 First up I had a fabulous session – lots of restrictive bondage, cbt, nt, anal, catheter and then lots of piercing! Yay… Then I saw someone for a roleplay styled session that was mostly focussed on corporal…