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I’ve been active this week – made it to yoga and martial arts a couple of times each 🙂 but I must admit to being a little bit sore in the calves… I had a day off on Wednesday – even went to the movies and saw Capote – which was good… but didn’t really…



I went to my martial arts class tonight and when I got a drink of water I left a big smooge of Chanel lipgloss on the bubbler – oops! Hopefully none of the less girly people there won’t end up with it – hehehehe – that could lead to some quick explaining…. “Lipstick – umm…


Good news!

Just got the news about Reactor’s new store… they’ve come back to Newtown! Now I know they were only closed for a short while – but they have my vac bed that was in for repairs and also a new top that I was getting custom made for me (I’m a very non-standard shape –…


I met a new foot fetishist today 🙂 He’d originally contacted Mistress Serena and she’d passed my number on to him – which surprised me at first as she has beautiful tiny feet and loves foot fetish also – but he’d been quite specific in looking for a certain size of foot – my size…


guzzling and boxing

It seems to be feed up Mistress season this week 😉 first my dinner at Glass at the Hilton on Monday. We’d been there before – I love it – especially because they had zucchini flowers on the menu! So I already had a lunch date planned for Wednesday – which I prefaced with a…


Busy day!

I’ve been very busy the last couple of days… I have an advertisement out at the moment also – but strangely enough the sessions I’ve been doing have nothing to do with the ads!

I went out for dinner last night to Glass at the Hilton – with a sub from interstate that I haven’t seen for a while – last night was about hanging out and catching up, usually we’d have a session and then go out… but this time it was nice just to enjoy a lovely dinner.

Today I saw a new sub who was interested in latex enclosure – I put him into layers of latex a catsuit, stockings, gloves, corset and hood – first it was a hood with eyes and mouth, but later I put him into the very restrictive hood which only has two tiny nose holes… all very fun.

Other sessions today included the sub from last night – who really wanted to reconnect as my slave after our reconnection as friends 😉 it was a great session – very intense.

There must have been something in the air or something – because my final session for the day was with a sub of mine I haven’t seen for a while also – it made me very happy to play with him again 😉 the session involves foot worship, stocking fetish, humiliation and lots of g/s… all very good.

Oh and I’ve been meaning to do a book update – I haven’t done one for ages and I’ve read heaps of books – lots of trash it must be said 😉 genre fiction can be very relaxing when you’re not quite up to Literature!


Sometimes it confuses me the strange outfit choices that people make… like they don’t have a mirror…. I’m so glad I’m a brunette – there are more colours I can wear without it clashing and looking like hell In other less picky news – there was restrictive bondage today – it was all good 🙂

Busy day today – I gave one sub a good thrashing – using lots of different implements from my hand to the heavy cane… he had a very resilient bottom I must say! Very different to the sweet young sub who I did an introductory session with on Friday, his bottom was all welted after…