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The cat in the hat

I had a lovely relaxing day today – following on from yesterday’s busy day 😉 Yesterday I saw my oldest “schoolboy” and another naughty young man who needed a jolly good thrashing – then stopped into Mistress Serena’s extended foot session for a while to help tease her devoted slave! Later in the evening I…


I had a rather late night last night – and rather too much sake I think 😉 but luckily my session today was at 3pm so I had plenty of time to recuperate in bed! Mistress Serena had a session before me so we got to catch up and chat while I was getting ready…


yay :)

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My cold is all better too thank goodness – sniffling isn’t very glamorous! I had a very fun session this morning with a sub I’ve seen before who’s from Sydney, but currently living in London… He’s into full weight head standing and brings along a video camera so he can record the session for his…



Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday dear timling Happy Birthday to yoooouuuu Here’s for a fabulous year with all the ponies you can eat – ah – ride… Oh – and while I’m at it – Happy Birthday for yesterday to badpauly – I didn’t forget… I was sick – cough…


sniff snurgle

Wah – I’ve got a cold… not very glamorous I’m afraid… So I’m staying in my nice warm bed today with a snuggly kitty 🙂 In other news I had an overnight session on Monday night – which was very fun but possibly not the best plan as I already had a sniffle… Oh well…


Double touble!

Mistress Serena and I had a fabulous double humiliation session yesterday! We were both in shiny latex – she in one of her many latex corsets – this time black with red trim over a similar dress… super sexy… I was in the Vex uniform dress… It was a fabulous session – with the slave…