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Hello 2017 the year in FemDom ahead!


I hope everyone’s Festive Season was good fun – or at least not too stressful and we’re all smoothly settling into 2017…  I’ve had a great start to the year already with a lot of fabulous sessions already from short Headmistress disciplinarian sessions in my Schoolroom to extended heavy bondage sessions that utilise all the…


Very busy back in my Sydney dungeon!


It’s hard to think that I’ve already been back in Sydney for 10 days or so… It’s certainly been very busy and a lot of fun! My first session back after my holiday was a double School session with Mistress Jadis and I with a very naughty “school boy”. I spend quite a lot of…


Planning to play and my upcoming holiday!


I sometimes get new (to me) “clients” being quite surprised that I don’t take same-day bookings… It’s certainly a very different way of experiencing BDSM for those who are used to being a walk-in client at a House of Domination. Instead of waking up thinking “I really deserve a spanking” – or catching sight of…


Back in Sydney – Back in the Dungeon

Servalan and Sinstress

It’s hard to believe I’ve already been back from my US travels for two weeks! I had an amazing time while I was away and was back playing in my beautiful Sydney Dungeon the next day… of course as usual I’ve returned home with plenty of new ideas and new toys I’m excited to bring…


USA in May! Chicago – NYC – LA


As is always the case with travel plans mine have gone from far off to super close in the blink of an eye! Though at least this time I have the excuse of renovations in my house (not my dungeon thank goodness)… If you’ve been emailing or having trouble getting in touch with me apologies!…


Three hour sessions


Since I updated the pricing section of my website to include my rates for three hour sessions I’ve had quite a number of slaves and submissives who’ve decided to submit for that little bit longer. I choose not to multiply my one hour rate for subsequent hours as I enjoy longer sessions and to be honest…


Rubber fetish sluts and latex lovers


I’m better known for being a leather fetishist and that’s usually my go to for session attire on most days though I do enjoy wearing my glamorous latex outfits as well. However my very favourite way to indulge my latex fetish is by encasing my slaves in it! I’ve had quite a lot of latex…