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swim with evie quinn!

A funny day today – part enormous frustration with my poor car, part fun, lots of extreme heat! Another very hot day with temperatures over 40 degrees (not sure what that is in the old money) phew! I went to Newtown and was buying new cock-tie cords (somehow they disappear, I have no idea where…


Hot hot hot!

It was a very hot day today – but I kept the aircon cranked up and got up to many hours of fun with mssslut! In stoopid quizzland news Your Boobies’ Names Are: The Bazoombas Get your own Boobie Names I’m sure everyone needed to know that!


I went to a good friend’s wedding yesterday… it was at the botanic gardens and was so beautiful – sunshine (if a little too much of same), friends, joy, beautiful dresses and then lovely food… It was formal – so I wore a beautiful new dress that I bought specially – pale green silk satin…


My anniversary!

I missed my one year anniversary of being independent! I formally resigned from Salon Kittys on the 24th of November last year… Thanks to all the wonderful slaves and subs who have made this year so fantastic – in retrospect it’s hard to imagine I lasted so long in a house environment – even though…


what is love?

Busy day again – I used my beautiful new bed in the boudoir! It was great – just the right height… first session was someone I’ve been seeing for ooh – four years? I was the Headmistress and he was a naughty boy I put in a girl’s uniform and then disciplined… very fun 😉…


Shopping and thoughts

I’ve bought some new manchester today for the double bed… I’m really looking forward to doing some more sessions in the boudoir – as I think it’s been a underused… Also bought a wedding present for a good friend of mine who’s getting married on the weekend (sunday in fact) – I hope she likes…


Another new toy!

Well I got another new toy – a wonderful Metz braided cat – ideal for heavy flogging… I’m looking forward to using it 😉 Today I had a fun two hours with beltmeplease – lots of rope of course and maybe a revisit to the CB3000 😉 Oh – and in quizzland… You scored as…