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The eroticism of the unattainable


For potential slaves and submissives whose experiences so far have been with Kinky Escorts and other Fetish Sex Workers it can sometimes be a bit difficult to understand how a session with a Classical Dominatrix can be an exciting or erotic experience. Not only is sex totally off the table – but you don’t get…


WhipMistress and whippingboy


So I have a photoshoot tomorrow – with the amazing Zelko Nedic. He took the beautiful photos of me a few months ago that you might have seen just before I went to DomConLA. I’m not usually known for a lot of preparation for anything really – I’m very much what you see is what…


Prison Fetish Play


A few weeks ago I attended several films at the Sydney Underground Film Festival – from hilarious Yakuza Vampires to serious documentaries there’s always something interesting to see… my favourite however was a German documentary called Prison System 4614. This documents an amazing real life facility set up as a realistic prison where inmates spend…


Back and busy in the dungeon


I had such a great holiday while I was up in Far North Queensland – just swimming in the ocean, enjoying the sunshine and relaxing. I did fit in a visit to the Crocodile Farm which was (of course) touristy but actually pretty fun! I have a bit of a fascination with crocodiles – they’re like…


Approach the Throne


It’s been a busy couple of weeks in Carisbrook lately – I’ve had lots of amazing sessions but we’ve also been busy with some around the dungeon improvements – all inspired by the delivery of my majestic new throne! I had it custom made and it took quite a long time for them to find…


Leather Weather!


Well it’s certainly been chilly lately though the recent beautiful sunshine and warmer days have been very welcome indeed. Of course cold weather is always an excuse to dress up in leather – well – I pretty much do that everyday in the dungeon – but when it’s chilly outside I get a chance to wear…


DomCon Wrap-up


I’ve been meaning to write this for a while – but have been rather delayed (as you can tell) – mainly because it’s a lot of work sifting though all the different photographers websites to find my favourite photos of all the different events, photo shoots and classes that happened over the five days of…


Back to “normal”


It’s been a very busy few weeks for me! First Dallas – then DomCon and then having my beautiful Mistress friend Shauna Ryanne visiting me last week – this week I’m just getting back to normal – well normal for me 😉 keeping the dungeon toasty, catching up on all those adminy sorts of things that…