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Gearhead Weekly – The Cage

I know people were probably looking forward to reading about my amazing new dungeon furniture but as I haven’t explored them fully as yet I’ve decided to leave writing about them for a little while. That said – the new arrangement up on The South Floor is fantastic and has really brought that space to…


Exciting news for Carisbrook!

If anyone has been following my twitter account they’d have seen a few hints dropped here and there over the last couple of weeks (well months if you consider the order and shipping time) about some very exciting new items added to the Carisbrook inventory! Some changes are afoot – and while not everything is…


Gearhead Weekly – The Claws

So many exciting new toys and changes happening at Carisbrook over the next week or so – I’ll write more soon – but this Gearhead Weekly is a toy I’ve had for quite a while now – accompanied by a photo taken by the amazing Serpentine Kiss. I chose these claws/talons in honour of all…


First week back in Sydney

My goodness as always time goes fast when you’re having fun I arrived back in Sydney a bit over a week ago and have settled back into the swing of my “everyday” life quite quickly. Though that said I’m not really certain how much of my life could really be considered everyday – hehee! I’m…


DomCon LA was fantastic!

I’m sitting on the plane on the way to New York just remembering all the fun I’ve had over the last few days at my second DomCon… So many great parties and events – but most of all I loved spending time with some amazing Dominant women I’m lucky enough to consider my friends and…


Hands-on play!

My bestie Mistress Wynter in New York is teaching a class tonight on Playing with No Toys – she was asking for opinions over on the Max Fisch message boards to see what other people’s experiences have been with play that doesn’t involve a vast arsenal of implements. There were lots of opinions from various…


Not long till I’m in the US!

Well it’s May already so just under three weeks till I leave for my trip to the US. I have availability to session until the 16th of May and will be back in the dungeon again on the 2nd of June… I’m certain to have a few new items to display when I return as…


Why I love crossdressing sessions


I just started writing this post about shorter sessions because I’ve been talking quite a lot about my extended and multi-day sessions but not mentioning all the shorter sessions I do as well. Then somehow when discussing how two hour bookings are taking over from one as most popular length in my diary I got…


Easter availability for Team Carisbrook ;)

Just a quick note in case people were wondering 🙂 Both Mistress Jadis and myself are available over the Easter extra-long weekend. I have an exciting overnight session on Sunday night so am not available on Monday (cause I’ll be relaxing and gloating) but Ms Jadis will be holding the fort for me then. Don’t…